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What to expect

After our initial greeting, I will begin an energetic reading of you which is essentially a road map to your physical and etheric bodies.  The reading will help determine a framework for me to work in for that session as well as access:

  • Whether it is shamanic energy work, body work (in-person), cymatics, chakra balancing, etc,
  • Whatever is channeled through in your reading is the modality in which I will work to help bring you back in alignment.
  • In the course of our meeting certain questions, insights, or visions will come up for us to further examine and guide our experience. I suggest having a pen and paper with you while we work, as things will come to you that you may want to refer back to later.
  • I may also recommend certain supplements, detoxes, and/or dietary changes which will aid in reaching your apex.
  • There will be a follow up email sent after each of our meetings summarizing the key points.

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