Who are


You are


You are seekers. You are humans seeking a spiritual experience and spirits seeking a human experience. The Evolutionists are the ones who are on the path of self mastery.
They are those who know that they can be in the midst of the everyday chaos, but no longer be of it. They are the ones on the path of equanimity.

Battling the Daily Grind

The Evolutionists are part of the daily grind. 

They want to achieve spiritual awareness, they go on retreats, but find it difficult to integrate short-term spiritual experiences into long-term spiritual awareness.

The Evolutionist space exists to support people who have gone through breakthroughs working with plant medicines and psychedelics. 

You’re in good hands. 

We provide professional aftercare to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of integrating back into the world and applying what you’ve learned.

The Tools

The Evolutionist provides coaching, intuitive counseling, support, guidance, accountability, and tools for people to integrate into their lives after going through these experiences.

We bridge the gap between science and spirituality, the physical and the etheric. Our expertise allows us to address all aspects of our clients. We introduce movement practices, detox protocols, nutritional programming , meditation techniques, and spiritual practices for our clients to apply to their everyday life.

We differentiate ourselves by being licensed professionals who also happen to have gone deep into shamanism and the spiritual path. Melvin Hart, the founder of the Evolutionist is a Neuromuscular therapist, intuitive healer, personal trainer and a shamanic medicine practitioner.