Individual Session

Offered via Skype, phone, or in-person.  Our session together can be centered around:

  • Fitness/holistic health coaching
  • Intuitive counseling
  • Shamanic reading
  • Healing session
  • And/or channeled into a single coaching session with a specific issue in mind

We address the etheric, energetic, and the physical aspects of your being to bring light to the shadow. If we happen to be in-person the option for shamanic bodywork is also offered.

$200 per session


Health Coaching

In this session we address the physical aspect of your being. We discuss your physical goals and address any issues that may be preventing you from attaining them. 

We go over your movement practice, nutrition and supplementation, and the personal self-care practices that are unique to you and how they are serving you.



Intuitive Counseling consists of an energetic reading of you to identify any energetic blockages in your etheric field. 

We address the roots of these blockages and work towards clearing them through working with your spirit guides as well as your different soul bodies. When there is a blockage present it generally corresponds to a deeper underlying issue either physically or psychically, during our session together we breakthrough the block to allow you to access your deeper potential.



In a shamanic reading we call not only on your spirit guides but also on your ancestral lineage to identify your path in the 3D. 

In your session, we cover the many facets of your energetic body and the trajectory or the path that you are on in life. If there are any conflicts in your energetic field they are brought to the surface for us to examine, address, and work with. The shamanic reading differs from an intuitive counseling session in that it is a more generalized roadmap to your path, where the intuitive reading is addressing a specific thing presenting at that moment.