RETURN TO HOMEOSTASIS – Ubud, Bali – June 22-25,2020

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Learn about the interplay between our nervous system and how it affects our musculoskeletal system.

A Return to Homeostasis

A 4-day bio-hack assessment training for yoga teachers, bodyworkers and PT’s.

Learn about the interplay between our nervous system and its effect on our musculoskeletal system. Explore how to truly assess imbalances and gain the tools and skills necessary to bring students/clients back to balance.

You will gain a ‘toolbox’ to assist with rehabilitation, rebooting, balancing and nurturing your clients and students, as well as a far deeper understanding of the interplay between the various systems in the body giving you that next level knowledge to be able to clearly communicate with other experts in the field of human development.

Join Melvin Hart and Mysan Sidbo, 2 experts in the field of bio-neurology, rehabilitation, anatomy, body movement and yoga.

Ubud, Bali

22-25 June 2020 (location TBA – Centre of Ubud)

Our days are jammed packed with knowledge, practice, lectures, and hands-on experiences. We start at 9 am sharp and end around 5 pm (the finish time may vary depending on the number of questions we answer – we want you to have full knowledge and we do not want to leave any stone unturned). We will have a lunch break where you can walk to one of the nearby restaurants.

Always bring a water bottle, your study material (notebooks and pens) and wear clothing you can move with ease in.

For full info on this course, its facilitators and for bookings please visit or

Course Content:

• – This workshop goes beyond the simple functional anatomy that you learned in your trainings.

• – Here we dive deeper into the fundamental interplay between our nervous systems and its effect on our muscle skeletal system.

• – We will establish readings for active and passive Posterior ROM (Range of Motion), Anterior ROM, and the most important section of movement the Effective ROM. We will establish an individualized screen to differentiate between flexibility, mobility, and joint laxity.

• – In the course of this workshop you will learn how to assess asymmetries in not only movement patterns and correct them but also how to integrate a deeper screening process to properly assess the fundamental flaws in the quality of movement, establishing an inner stillness for our clients.

• – Learning how to hack the nervous system to bypass the conscious mind and speak to the enteric nervous system to re-establish symmetry within our clients and ourselves. Barring structural deformities or disease we can hack our biology in minutes to establish neural drive and connectivity bringing you bacK into the wholeness of your being.

• – We will dive into the fascial systems and learn how to manipulate it in order to get tangible results, while also looking into TCM and 5 elemental theory to be able to properly treat our clients so they can get the most out of our interactions.

• – We will take you on a journey moving away from the idea of you as simply a yoga instructor, or PT, or body worker and guide you towards the into the space of being a movement therapist.

• – By learning the deeper anatomy of the body, we will see the beautiful interplay between our musculoskeletal system and our nervous systems and how to effectuate change in the shortest amount of time. As well as teaching the vernacular in order for you to cross communicate with other professionals in the field of wellness.

• – We will also cover the art of teaching and how to create an environment conducive to receptivity, adherence which creates results for our clients.

• – Throughout the course days there will be lectures as well as body movement practices, Yin yoga and hands on techniques and learnings to cement the skills that you will take home.

• – As a bonus we will also cover assessing and treating some of the most common conditions that present themselves these days, i.e. frozen shoulder, postural distortions, as well as various hip asymmetries, and workplace compensatory patterns.

To apply for a spot at training please contact us for the application form or



Training fee:

$800 USD (full payment is due no later than June 1 2020)

$200 USD deposit is required to secure your spot at training (limited spots available).

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

6 months prior to start of training full refund less $80 cancellation fee

3 months prior to start of training $200 cancellation fee

2 months prior to start of training $300 cancellation fee

1 months prior to start of training no refund

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