Neuromuscular Reboot with Melvin & Delphine Sunday, September 23, 2018 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm, Singapore

Neuromuscular Reboot with Melvin & Delphine Sunday, September 23, 2018 @ 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Total Body Neuromuscular-Reboot

Part 1: Sunday 23 12:30-15:00

Get Your Body Back

Address your physical body. Improve body composition & awareness, efficiency in movement, strength, endurance, balance, agility and range of motion

Part 2: 
Sunday 30 12:30-15:00

Balance Your Brain Patterns & Emotional Responses

Access your inner connections and clear away the emotional debris that may be blocking you from your own self evolution. Renew clarity of thought, free your voice, cultivate emotional balance, reestablish your sense of self and sovereignty

Most people want to feel better but finding the time to invest in yourself can sometimes feel impossible. Even when you make the commitment to change, work and family responsibilities often get in the way, causing you to fall back on old habits.

This total body renewal workshop is designed specifically to help you reboot your neurological system and kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

Our neuromuscular and meditation experts, Delphine Supanya and Melvin Hart, will share curated, results-driven exercises that lay the foundation for a leaner, neurologically connected and stronger physique. Most importantly, they will help you integrate these techniques seamlessly and sustainably into your current lifestyle, so you can look, feel and perform your best long after the workshop.

We understand the demands of a full schedule, with that in mind we have designed a program that takes only a few minutes to increase the neurological drive to those areas that have been shut down through overuse, misuse, trauma, etc.

Exercises will include Abyangha, Neurological Reboot and Meditation. Delphine and Melvin will adapt exercises to suit all abilities and body shapes, emphasizing proper biomechanical alignment and technique so that you get the best results.

▸ Abyangha: Create a deeper neurological connection and awareness between the mind and body through touch.

Result: awaken, realign, recalibrate

▸ Neurological Reboot: Create neurological connections which have been shut off through daily function, overuse, mis-use and trauma. Neurological Reboot has been designed to re-align and re-pattern body’s bio mechanics to bring neurological drive, strength, detoxification and optimum balance back to the body, mind and spirit.

Result: detoxify, connect, ground and move more efficiently

▸ Meditation: Reboot brain and neuro-plasticity through meditation. Re-establish dormant brain connections and anchor a practice that will kick-start the ability of the body to heal itself and detoxify thoughts patterns related to anxiety, depression, fear or anger.

Result: reduce stress and anxiety, change key areas of the brain, improve mood and well-being

Space is limited to 10 pax per date.

Workshop Price:

Payment via credit card has an additional 3.4% credit card surcharge. If you wish to make a bank transfer to reserve your space, you can do so to: Sagehouse Pte Ltd. DBS 033-905-101-2

Part 1 & 2 $88 per session
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$66 per session if booked before Sept 16
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Book a Private Session with Delphine or Melvin:

Only $288 per session if you schedule your between September 21st & October 1st
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regular rate $495
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About Delphine

Delphine Supanya’ s approach to meditation and inner work addresses specific areas of the human psyche to kick-start the body’s natural ability to self-heal and change the structure of the brain. She was introduced to meditation theory and techniques from early childhood to manage and later reverse her chronic illnesses, pain and mood swings. She specializes in occupational stress-induced diseases, psycho-somatic disorders and post-trauma recovery. Her toolbox includes: meditation, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, breath awareness, body talk, NLP, aromatherapy, yin yang nutrition, reiki, intuitive touch, yoga, tantra, intuitive movement, dance, Inner Guidance, Inner Dance Process and her own creation, Inner Voyage Integration.

Delphine’s knowledge base is rooted in first hand experience of the maladies that befall those who are overworked and overstressed. An unfortunate series of neurological issues that affected Delphine forced her to reassess her course in life and to delve deeper into her own abilities to heal herself on a level that conventional western drug based modalities couldn’t. Since childhood, she established a meditation and movement practice that allowed her to find the stillness within herself and the resilience to move toward a more holistic lifestyle which brought her back alignment and balance. Through meditation, talk, touch, sound and smell, her approach focusses on re-establishing communication pathways between the mind, body and energy systems to re-activate the human’s self-healing capabilities from the inside out.

Her professional background as an international lawyer allows her to identify with her clientele as she too maintained a high stress and results driven competitive position for the greater part of her life working in various fields of law. Her keen analytical skill as a lawyer allowed her to delve deeper into the other side of her own well-being to establish a unique blend of self-care/healing modalities that seamlessly integrate into the mental, physical, and emotional demands of fast-paced professional life. Her approach is called Inner Voyage Integration (IVI).

“One of the most effective and accessible approaches to Inner and Outer experiences that I have ever come to experience.” Yin Ling Ng

“If healing is an inside job, Inner Voyage is an art that gets the job done.” Rebecca Cappelli

“The process speaks deeply to the body and allows it to take over in the healing process. Utterly beautiful.” Deborah Galloway

“Powerful, loving and expanding.” Sahar Kazemini

“As a result of the session, all bleeding and complications linked to my pregnancy stopped.” Celine Blizzo

About Melvin

Melvin Hart’s approach is holistic, capturing the latest advances of science and medicine, with the understanding that each individual’s physical and neurological needs are different. He is a certified neuromuscular therapist and personal trainer, a licensed massage therapist and holds a degree in occupational therapy. Over the past 15 years he has practiced and studied many different therapeutic modalities including nutrition, pre and post natal, deep myofascial release work, aromatherpy, primal rekinetix, prehab/rehab for pathologies of the shoulders, complex hip, lower body, sports massage and TCM.

Melvin Hart is a Neuromuscular Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer from New York. He holds a degree in occupational therapy and furthered his spiritual education with indigenous shamans in the jungles and mountains of Peru where he was initiated to the art of shamanic medicine for healing and, most importantly, integration. For the last 15 years, his holistic approach to bodywork and movement combined with shamanic medicine practices and energy work has helped hundreds of people around the world understand, strengthen and integrate neurological, physical, psychological and spiritual practices on a truly integrative level.

Melvin takes a holistic approach in looking at each person as a whole, not just focusing in on pain patterns, or simply the symptoms. His approach helps to identify the root of the issue and works towards correcting it. Understanding that there is no separation between physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual distortions, he uses touch, smell, sound, and talk to reestablish internal connection and heal from the inside out. He blends his western professional training with his shamanic understandings to create a truly deep sensory experience and helps to integrate the experience into a cogent plan that can be applied in everyday life creating a renewed sense of connection, balance, and healing.

“Heal any aspect of yourself and become the best version of yourself.” Jaime Botti

“A highly exceptional, extremely rare gifted practitioner with more knowledge than any doctor I’ve seen” Donna Flagg

“A first rate shaman and excellent bodyworker.” Pavielle

“I left feeling happier and lighter with a new understanding on the truths of my existence.” Princess Berman

“The session left me feeling encouraged, lighter and clearer.” Fitz Lauder


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